Notes: DevOps Practices

DevOps is the culture of collaboration between Development and Operations.

Some essential Devops concepts include:

  • Build Automation (BA) : It is nothing but the automation of the process to deploy to production. Some well known tools for BA are:
    maven-logo-black-on-white          npm            gradle
  • Continuous Integration (CI) : Frequently merging of code change into the code base (multiple times a day) is termed as continuous Integration. eg. of tools:
    jenkins                      Bamboo
  • Continuous Delivery : Continuous Delivery is the practice of maintaining a code code base in deployable state all the time.
  • Continuous Deployment : The practice of frequently deploying small code change to the production is referred to as continuous deployment.
  • Configuration Management : Consistent and stable changing or maintainance of the state of various pieces of infrastructure can be summarized as configuration management. Some of the frequently discussed tools are:
    puppet               ansible
  • Infrastructure as Code : Managing and provisioning the infrastructure through code and automation.
  • Monitoring : Collection and presentation of the data about stability and performance of various services and infrastructure itself.
    sensu               appdynamics
  • Microservices : Architecture of breaking an application into collection of small, loosely coupled services.
  • Orchestration: automation that supports the processes and workflows. Tools:
  • Virtualization : Managing the resources by creating virtual, rather than physical machines.
  • Container: Lightweight and isolated packages containing bare minimum resources for the software.



This image contrasts Virtual Machines and Containers:





(note: logo images are from google/wikipedia)

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